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Making an adoption plan is one of the biggest decisions you will ever make. It is a decision that takes courage and maturity, and it involves putting the needs and best interests of the child first.

Adoption may look a lot different than what you’ve heard, or imagined.


You can select the parents. You can decide your baby’s future. You are always in control of your decision. 




Open Adoption: This gives everyone involved the opportunity to communicate directly with each other. There is open sharing of identifying information about birth parents and adoptive families. There is continued contact after the baby is placed in an adoptive family. Pictures, letters, and visits may be arranged.


Semi-Open Adoption: This gives both families an opportunity to develop a relationship over time through an intermediary. It permits sharing some information, but not things that are too personal. 


Closed Adoption: This provides total confidentiality for adoptive and birth parents. 


We will connect you with local professionals who can help you as you consider this option. Whether you choose to parent your baby or place your baby in an adoptive home, your choice can be made with the support of caring people. Positive Options is here to support and encourage you.