Portrait of a Man


We Will Listen!

Pregnancy can affect the life of a woman and her partner. We understand that as a man and a prospective father, your thoughts may differ from your partner. We provide resources that specifically address your needs and offer support that will help you navigate through important areas..

How Do I Know If She’s Really Pregnant?

Positive Options provides free and confidential pregnancy testing and decision coaching to our patients. We are here to help both of you come to a decision.

What Services Are Available For Me?

We understand that pregnancy can represent a huge change in your life as well as your partner’s. We are here for both of you! You will have the opportunity to meet with a Male advocate to discuss your unique concerns about the pregnancy.

How Do I Express How I’m Feeling About The Pregnancy?

You can express your feelings honestly without fear of judgment at Positive Options. Your feelings matter! Our center provides a safe and confidential environment for all who are involved in the pregnancy.


Parenting Classes for Men

We offer a variety of classes for men to help them along their journey. Our parenting classes deal with how to be involved as a dad leading up to and after the pregnancy. Other classes that we offer cover information on how to establish and maintain a healthy relationship with your partner as you continue into the future.