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Pregnant during COVID? What to Do Next.

Who could have ever imagined the world as it is today - with COVID-19 directing our every move. Combine that tension with an unplanned pregnancy and you can bet you’re going to feel afraid, ambivalent, anxious, - maybe even terrified!  Here you are, in a pandemic - and pregnant. 

Positive Options has been helping people for over 20 years as they face those very feelings of uncertainty. Though the pandemic is a new thing - crisis is not - not for us! Our hope is that we can help you take a deep breath, collect good information about your options, and settle your mind before you make that very important decision. It’s a decision that is critically important and will affect the rest of your life, one way or another. It’s a decision that yours to make and we don’t want you manipulated by anyone with an agenda. 

Maybe you’re unemployed due to the pandemic and you’re wondering what the future holds. Maybe you’ve maintained your job but are still wondering if you'll have the finances to raise a child? These are unsettling times. Remember, good decisions are rarely made when you feel rushed or out of control. It’s important to quiet your world and process slowly.

POSITIVE OPTIONS has information on all the abortion procedures available. We stay up-to-date on any restrictions concerning abortion, the different types of adoption, and what assistance is available to you if you choose to parent. Positive Options is all about empowering YOU for the next step. We don't benefit from your choice, financially or otherwise - that’s why you can trust the information we give you. It’s not about us - it’s about your life and what your decisions create. We want to support and inspire you to live your best life! We achieve that goal by helping you gather the information needed on each option - and weigh out how those options will impact your future.

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We want you to feel empowered - not afraid! We want you to feel supported and respected - not alone! Contact us. We’re here to help. Talk it out with us. We will walk it out with you.



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