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Will My Insurance Pay For My Girlfriend’s Abortion?

In general, health insurance companies will not cover girlfriends or boyfriends without a financial legal obligation, such as marriage or domestic partnership. However, check with your particular insurance provider for specific details.

How Can I Get Insurance Coverage for My Girlfriend?

We understand how stressful an unplanned pregnancy can be. Besides the emotional and future implications, financial fears can also surface. Healthcare is expensive without insurance coverage. However, there are insurance options for your girlfriend.

1. Michigan Medicaid

If your girlfriend meets certain income requirements, she may be eligible for Michigan Medicaid. If she is planning on carrying her baby to term, Michigan Medicaid does cover prenatal, delivery, and postpartum care.

Michigan Medicaid will only cover the cost of abortion in cases of life endangerment, incest, or rape. This means many elective abortions will not be covered through this plan.

2. Individual Insurance Coverage

If your girlfriend doesn’t meet Michigan’s Medicaid eligibility requirements, she could shop for her own individual insurance coverage plan. This is insurance purchased by her, not provided by an employer or association. These are a variety of plans she can choose from, and you can help her look through the insurance options and what’s covered.

3. Create a Legal Financial Obligation

To extend your employer-provided insurance coverage to your girlfriend, you would need to develop a legal financial obligation through marriage or a domestic partnership. This is a life-changing decision and it shouldn't be taken lightly.

However, if you’re in a serious relationship and marriage has already been decided as the long-term goal even before pregnancy news, then maybe this is something to consider.

Does Private Insurance Cover Abortion?

This depends on your particular insurance plan and state laws. For specific information on a private insurance plan, call the insurance provider in question.

We can help with Free Pregnancy Services

Our pregnancy services are completely free and confidential, regardless of insurance coverage. We offer pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, and referrals to help you and your girlfriend move forward as a couple.

Tell your girlfriend about our free services, and she can schedule an appointment at the time that works best for her.



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