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What Will Happen at your Pregnancy Test Appointment?

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

By Sandy Ohlman

Positive Options is here to help you navigate through a FREE pregnancy test - with a medically trained team. When you call ahead, you can be sure to get an appointment time to help your visit be as time-efficient as possible. This will help reduce your fears, as you won’t be sitting, waiting, and wondering. That being said, we do take walk-ins - booking ahead is just the best option. When you enter the doors, a smiling team member will meet you and help you get started on the paperwork needed. If it’s your FIRST visit - you’ll need a state-approved photo I.D. If you don’t have one, or happen to forget it - no worries. We have to take a photo that will be kept in your digital file and will bring a copy out that can serve as an ID for your paper file. So, be ready to have your picture taken. :)

When your paperwork is complete, one of the medical team members will come and escort you to the restroom where you will be using a urine specimen cup to gather a sample of urine for the test. So, drink a couple of glasses of water an hour before your visit. You will then be led to the counseling room where another team member will go over your paperwork with you and talk to you - to gather your story and help guide you through your testing process. They specialize in shredding fear, as many of our clients come into the office, very anxious about being pregnant. You will be encouraged with kindness and respect - and given all the information you need.

After the test is complete and your time with the advocate is wrapping up, the medical team member will return to the room to give you the results and answer any medical questions you may have. Our nurses and sonographers are exceptional at people-care and very patient - so ask all the questions you need. 

You will be given great resources, either hard copy or if you prefer, digital formats, to help you understand the best steps moving forward. And we’re always available for you to call back - if you have further questions. We love caring for our community and want you to know you are going to be well cared for here! 

If you want to bring the potential father of the baby with you, we are also ready to give him the same care we offer you. There are male advocates here to talk to. We made this option available to help guys navigate through an unplanned pregnancy - and the test day. It’s another way we show respect and care for our community - helping people live better lives. Please let the receptionist know if your significant other will be joining you.

It’s a pleasure to serve you. We know this can feel daunting. We’re here to help.

Positive Options exists to be the best first step for women who think they might be pregnant. We provide free pregnancy testing and ultrasound, along with information from a medical professional on all your options. We want to make sure that you get the help you need.



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