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3 Reasons You Need an Ultrasound Before Abortion

As you go about your unique journey after finding out you’re pregnant, know that you are not alone. We’re here to help you understand the importance of an ultrasound. Taking this step of pregnancy confirmation will safeguard your health and give you the answers you need to move forward. Three reasons you need an ultrasound before abortion include the following: 

  • An ultrasound confirms how far along you are (gestational age)

  • An ultrasound confirms the location of your pregnancy

  • An ultrasound confirms if your pregnancy is viable (has a heartbeat & progressing)

1. Know How Far Along You Are (Gestational Age)

Also called gestational age, knowing how far along you are in pregnancy changes what options you have regarding abortion.

It’s important to note that the FDA only recommends women up through 10 weeks of pregnancy to receive a medical abortion. An ultrasound is needed to confirm this essential detail of pregnancy. 

2. Confirm Pregnancy Location

Confirming pregnancy locations is important to your pregnancy health. In a normal pregnancy, a fertilized egg attaches to the lining of the uterus. There is a small chance you could experience ectopic pregnancy, where a fertilized egg implants and grows outside the uterus. 

An ultrasound can alert you to this potential pregnancy complication, as it could be life-threatening bleeding if not treated right away. 

3. Be Alerted of Complications

Safeguard your health by being aware of ALL the facts of your pregnancy through an ultrasound. Along with ectopic pregnancy, another pregnancy complication includes miscarriage. An ultrasound will help alert you to this potential complication as well. 

If you do have a potential miscarriage, you will need medical attention, and an abortion would not be an option for you.

Confirm your pregnancy details today at Positive Options. Schedule a free and confidential appointment to get started.



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