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How Do I Tell My Parents I’m Pregnant?

Telling your parents the news of your pregnancy can seem daunting. What will they say? Will they support you? What will they think of you? Before diving into the conversation, it is important to pick the right time, hear them out, and have a plan. 

While we know this is no easy task, you are not alone. Talk to us today if you need support telling your parents the news.  

Choose A Convenient Time

With the busyness that life brings, choosing a good time for your parents to process the news is key. Choose a convenient time and place to share the news with your parents. 

Think about when they will be most relaxed and free to process the news. If possible, choose a private setting, like their home, so they feel comfortable and can be present with no distractions. We also recommend telling them in person to best navigate their response and read their body language.

Hear Them Out

We understand that it’s difficult to take a step back and listen in such an emotional moment, but it’s possible to let your parents talk and listen before responding.

Do your best to leave room for your parents to respond in their own way. They will most likely be in just as much shock as you were when you found out. Give them lots of grace and compassion as they try to navigate it. If needed, give them space and time afterward to take it all in.

If you are unsure of your parents' response and have safety concerns, tell them over the phone if necessary. 

Have A Plan

Create a pregnancy plan before sharing the news of your pregnancy with your parents. It will give you more clarity and confidence when telling them. If you need support confirming your pregnancy and exploring your pregnancy options, we’re here to help.

We provide free and confidential pregnancy services and support. No matter if your parents decide to support you or not, we are here for you. Contact us at 616.546.0610 to make an appointment today.


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