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What Can I Do if I'm Afraid of Giving Birth?

Updated: Jun 28

It’s okay if you’re feeling nervous or are afraid of giving birth. Many women feel uneasy about labor and delivery, especially if it’s their first time.

Once you decide to parent or place your child for adoption, it’s important to remind yourself that giving birth will be worth the end goal. 

Here are six tips on what you can do to lessen your fears.

1. Trust Your Body

Giving birth is a very natural thing. Your body knows what to do, and you can trust the natural process. Relax as much as possible and let your body do the heavy lifting. Even if unexpected events come up, preparing as much as you can and receiving medical assistance as needed will help.

Relaxing during birth will decrease your anxiety, allow your body to give birth more easily, and lessen discomfort. Relaxation and breathing techniques can make a world of difference.

2. Choose a Professional

A team of professionals is always ready to help you during the birth process.

If you're in a hospital setting, doctors and nurses will assist and monitor you to ensure you receive the best, proactive care. For extra support, you can consider working with a midwife or doula. 

3. Think About Pain Management Options

Many pregnant women choose epidurals for pain management during labor. However, you might decide you want a natural birth or a different form of pain management

You can research the options and ask your doctor any questions.

4. Take a Birthing Class

Much of the nervousness of giving birth comes from fear of the unknown. Signing up for a birthing class can help take some of the mystery out of the process. You can learn what to expect, along with beneficial tips to make it easier.

5. Talk with Other Women

Talk with women who have recently given birth and ask if they’d be willing to share their experiences. While some stories may be positive and some may be more complex, you will feel more at ease from talking with women and receiving their advice.

6. Train Your Muscles

There are many exercises and stretches to prepare your body for giving birth. Look online and see what you can start doing to train. Even slight exercises can help. 

Be sure to receive your advice from reputable sources and ask your doctor if you have any concerns. You should only perform certain exercises in the third trimester or close to birth.

Focus on the Goal 

While birth can be unnerving, it will enable you to begin your parenting or adoption story. It’s a natural process and one with professionals by your side devoted to helping you.

If you just found out you are pregnant and weighing your options, we can help! Receive free and confidential services such as pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, educational classes, and more. 

Schedule a free appointment today.



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