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“Marriage is archaic. And "forever" is a fairy tale.” You may have heard - or thought that yourself. It’s a common idea. But let’s get objective about the topic for a minute.

What is marriage? It’s an ancient practice where two people make a promise to be best friends and lovers - for the rest of their lives. When you stop to think about it - marriage is simply, love with loyalty - set on a sacred level, something considered mystical and holy. Maybe "holy" sounds weird to you. That just means you hold it in a place above all other priorities or values. 

The breakdown of marriage springs from some generational shifts than can get complicated for one blog post, but it’s safe to summarize with this: We have a myriad of choices today for everything and most products have a short shelf-life. Those two realities affect our thinking more than we can fathom. We live in a short-term, disposable-minded world and it’s affecting how we do life - on every level. When everything else is designed to meet our needs, work for us, make us happy - why shouldn’t relationships be that easy too? The problem is, we end up lonely, weak, and broke if we need an “easy” button to buy-in.

Straight shooting: Love is best spelled “W.O.R.K”. Honestly, the best parts of life are things you have to build. Whether it's a business or your financial, or physical fitness - you will have to work for the "good life". Marriage is a business plan for love. It’s a partnership, wrapped with very organic, ancient details, that train us to be stronger, better builders. 

Marriage isn’t a fairy tale - it’s a foundation stone and when used well, it will help you build a solid future. You can learn more about how to build a great love life - including marriage - from these websites:


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