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My Birth Control Failed: What Can I Do?

Did you receive a positive pregnancy test result after your birth control failed? This unexpected time can be stressful, but you are not in this alone. Take a deep breath and seek information and support.

While an at-home pregnancy test may be reliable, it’s important to follow up with another one and an ultrasound so you can understand the full scope of your pregnancy options. We can help.

Confirm Your Pregnancy 

At Positive Options, we can provide on-site, free pregnancy testing and an ultrasound so you can be sure about your pregnancy test results and learn key pregnancy details.

Why Ultrasounds Matter

It’s not in your best interest to make a pregnancy decision based on your home pregnancy test alone due to potential complications. Safeguard your health by understanding all your pregnancy options with an ultrasound.

Once you receive a positive pregnancy test at Positive Options, we will provide a free, limited obstetric ultrasound. This step will confirm three essential pregnancy details.

  1. Viability (if your pregnancy has a heartbeat and is progressing)

  2. Location of your pregnancy (whether it’s growing within your uterus or not)

  3. How far along you are (also known as gestational age)

An ultrasound can also alert you to any potential pregnancy complications, such as miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy. You will want to follow up with your health provider for immediate care and treatment if there’s any indication of either condition.

Additionally, after you find out how far along you are, you will know what pregnancy options are available to you. Medical abortion is only FDA-approved for use within the first ten weeks of pregnancy. 

Receive Free Options Information

Once you’ve confirmed your pregnancy and know the critical details, you can learn more about your pregnancy options. You have three options: abortion, adoption, and parenting. 

Our caring team at Positive Options offers free and confidential support and accurate information about all pregnancy choices. Make a decision with clarity.

Schedule your initial pregnancy appointment with us to get started today. We’re here for you.


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